Monday, October 26, 2009

Malaysia (Penang) | National Forest/Ocean

We decided to hike through the National Forest in the North-West part of the island. It was pretty cool, we hiked for about 45 minutes to Monkey beach, went swimming in the ocean and it was amazing. The ocean was everything I imagined a tropical island to be like...there was a easy breeze, the waves were calm, the water was warm (so warm) and the sand was warm! Ahhh, so nice.

So...we decided to hike farther to the light house...everyone told us it would be a great hike, great weird. My guess is that few people have made it all the way to the light house. It was an incredibly grueling hike, major incline and once we got to the top, we found out that the light house was all fenced off, we couldn't get in and there was no view do to all the vegetation! What a bummer. Not to mention, we were completely soaked in sweat, that is how grueling the hike was...then we had to hike about 1 hour and 20 minutes all the way back completely soaked in sweat.

At the beginning

A neat looking bridge early in the hike.

Monkey Beach!

After swimming.
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