Sunday, October 11, 2009

Laos - Food, edible and non-edible

If you are craving a great hardboiled egg in Laos, you might just want to think twice.

We learned the hard way...apparently it is a fine treat to hardboil an egg...once the chicken (or whatever it may be) is partially formed. Yep, we got tricked into it...some little food vender by the river, they were so excited to see us and we thought, well great, they are so hospitable...and man, could I use some hardboiled eggs...wrong! I'm sure you can find good hardboiled eggs, but be careful. Ya, Nolan and I ended up trying one, the least formed of course, you can see the video (soon to be posted).

This ol' gal was selling sweet sticky rice with cocunut on top, it was tasty.

It boggles my mind how they can fit a whole chicken between two amazed. Granted, the chickens in Asia are a slight bit smaller.

This is a bag-et, we found out about this little bag-et cart about half way through our time in Pakse and let me tell you, they are amazing. We often got cravings for them. A small bag-et like this one would cost around $0.50, a larger might cost about $2. Many times we would eat a couple of these for $1. I miss them already.
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