Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trip to San Francisco: 1

We got to spend a few days with our good friends from Thailand when they were coming through Portland...it was a great time and great to see them. We also made a weekend trip down to San Francisco with them, it was a really good trip full of good conversation and laughs. I still can't believe that we drove that far in two days! It was a great experience.

The trolly from back in the day, still works with cables, I'm pretty sure. Cool to see.

Our day in SF was amazing, the weather was awesome.

We went to the Saturday market and got some amazing food, fresh oyster shooters being some of that food.
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Trip to San Francisco: 2 - Ma'velous Coffee

This was a really cool coffee shop called Ma'velous in San Francisco. Great coffee, the guy cares a lot about coffee and carries coffee from some of the best roasters in the world. Very cool, we had some espressos and caps which were superb. Cool atmosphere too. Having coffee here put the icing on the cake for our trip to SF.


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A great hike in the gorge

I got to take a great hike with my best friend Aaron, he took the day off work and we had a great time, after we finished up eating at a Chinese Bistro, which was pretty good and, thanks to groupon, got a $30 meal for $5.

Prior to the hike...Aaron helped me get all outfitted with Mountain Hard Wear gear...so nice! There was nearly no body hiking that day. I think we only saw one group of people and another guy. It was filled with good conversation and a years worth of catching up.

It was beautiful at the top and we couldn't have asked for nicer weather!

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It snowed while I was back and that was awesome to see. I was really hoping for snow since it doesn't snow in Taiwan.

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Grandpa and Grandma

It's always good to see grandpa and grandma. This trip I got to spend almost an entire day with both, it was a really neat and I got to pick their brains and ask them about the past. Really interesting.

Grandma made one of our favorite dishes for the two of us, basically a pot roast (potatoes, carrots, kielbasaand sour kraut)...mmmmm...so good! Thanks grandma.

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Babies Galore

I got to see many good friends and their babies for the first time. It was great.

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Back for Christmas

It was really nice to be back in the US for Christmas (and a couple months after), spending time with family, good friends.

We ate really good food.

Opened some presents.

...and played a lot of wii.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

MIA, but back and ready to update!

Hey everybody!

I just want to apologize for the lack of attention and updates to my blog over the recent months. I intend to keep it updated and will begin updating soon. Thank you for your patience and I hope you continue learning and enjoying the pictures and the things I experience in Taiwan and on other travels.

A couple things before I post....I have a friend who goes to church with us here, his name is Clyde, he was in a bad car accident recently and has been in the hospital unable to move anything below his neck. Also, Nolan is doing well, but he still has cancer in his body. Please keep these two in your prayers.

Thank you for all your love and support.