Friday, February 12, 2010

The Airport

We went to the airport on the way home to watch planes land right over our heads. It was awesome, I have never been that close to a plane landing before...they were right above our heads.

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The Coast: Tank

We found a tank...the sign said do not play on...but we couldn't read it because it was in Chinese!

Emil found out the hard way...he got stuck in front of the tank and lost a was so painful to watch...I had to ride him back on my scooter while he kicked and's okay, we found an old baseball bat that we used as a replacement for his leg...Today, it's like he never even lost a leg...well running is a little more of a challenge.

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Fresh Seafood at the coast: Sushi

I have never seen so much fresh sashimi and in such large cuts. I wanted to eat this sashimi so bad. It was kind of spendy though. Next time!

I believe this was salmon.

I believe tuna is on the left and salmon is on the right.

Sashimi packages
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Fresh Seafood at the coast: 1

I can't remember what kind of fish this is, but I know it's a deep sea dweller.

More octopus and fish.

Fish Head. Yummy, fish head soup anyone?!?

King was pretty big.

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Fresh Seafood at the coast: 2

I went to the coast close to where I live...about a 40 minute scooter ride. I found all sorts of amazing looking seafood...I wanted to eat it all! Unfourtunatly, I only ate a little bit, just some fried squid.


I'm not sure what this is...eel, maybe snake fish.

Huge Octopus tenticals

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Fresh Seafood at the coast: 3

Here is the fried squid I ate, it was really good and really fresh.

Here is some more squid.

This was a little (well actually kind of big, about 8" long) Tiger Prawn. I named him Sam!

Sam actually posed and smiled for the camera! If I had more room I may have taken him home as a pet, fattened him up, then fried him up when he was just the right size.

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By the Pound

We really enjoy this place. You pick a plate and pick out whatever food you want, meat, vegetables, fried food, whatever and they charge you by the pound...or not really by the pound, its more like they look at the plate from a couple different angles, then say a price.

I think maybe we should nickname it "by the mood" in stead of charge "by the pound" because they don't even weigh it, they just look and charge what the feel is right, haha.

These are the different vegetables.

All the meats.

Fried fish and chicken

This is my favorite vegetable in Taiwan, eggplant...I think it is steamed.
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tiger Head Mountain 3/3: Confucian Temple

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Tiger Head Mountain 2/3

Nolan, Michael and I

This guy was doing a workout at the top of the mountain...hanging upside down!

We saw a few chairs randomly on the hike...huh?

We found Godzilla, he almost bit me!

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Tiger Head Mountain 1/3

Tiger Head Mountain: Is a small mountain, big hill close to where we is better described as a bunch of little mountains in one area. It is a nice little hike and a good place to get away from the city if you have a little bit of time. We hiked for about an hour, stopping a few times to goof around and take pictures.

Nolan and I at breakfast before hiking. Michael took us here, his friend owns it...the food was really good.

On top of part of the mountain

Nolan...not sure what he is trying to say with this pose.

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Gloria English Annual Banquet 2010 1/2

2010 Annual Teachers Banquet...the food was good and the people were fun. They also did a CASH raffle, a bunch of $NT600 (about $20 US) envelopes, some $NT1000 (about $30 US) , $NT2000 (about $60 US) and one $NT3000 (about $90 US).

Guess who won the only $NT3000 envelope, was me. Luck of the draw I guess, I can't believe it.

All the people at my table.

Vicky, Fifi and I

Kyrstie and Nolan

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Gloria English Annual Banquet 2010 2/2

This is a picture of some of the foreign teachers, many of us live in the teachers dorm.

Isa, Sandra, and me.

Nolan and Steve

Not sure what exactly we are doing here!

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