Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Helping in the Slums: Before

So the family we helped out today was really poor. The father had become ill about a year ago (I think his kidneys) and has been unable to work. He and his wife have three kids and his wife has been supporting their family making about 150 Baht/day. 150 Baht is something around $5. I will typically spend at least 90 Baht on food in a day when I am going cheap...

Their bathroom sunk and their roof was in bad need of repair. We had planned to raise the bathroom and make a new walkway, but due to the recent flooding in Bangkok and lack of resources, the water was too high to raise the bathroom or create a better walkway to it. This is a picture of the failing roof to the bathroom.

Here is another picture of part of the roof that had been destroyed by rust.

This is an example of how the people in the slums just throw their trash in the water that surrounds them...and it's a lot of trash.

The bathroom was flooded and the path is hardly walkable...the water is raised about 1 ft above the usual level in this picture.
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