Sunday, October 11, 2009

Laos - Getting to Champasak

This is Nolan and I (of course you know that) and the water taxi that we took across the Mekong river to get to Champasak to visit Wat Phu.

Another Shot...I seriously was wondering if we would make it all the way without the boat sinking.

This is just as crazy...its one of these water taxi's but for vehicles...never would have thought that I would be traveling on one of these.

Another shot of the water taxi full of vehicles and people
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  1. I think the only reason that the boat could be sinking because of the over loaded. But it actually may doesn’t looked strong as you thing the bigger is better. We called “lil’ hot chilies” means SMALL PACKAGE BUT PACKED OF BIG PUNCH. And of course you would never ever imagine to travelled on those kinds of boats, but what would you expected in the 3rd world countries? I used to go to school by a boat kinda like that when I was lil but that gave my mum nearly a heart attack most of everyday because she knew that I would jump off the boat before they get to the port, and I did and told her that the water was too shallow and the boat can’t get close to the port. Ha! But thx for bringing the memory for me. Hah!!