Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A trip to the mountain 2/5

I bought some of the honey produced by the bees on and around the mountain. This honey was not like any other honey I have tasted, it was very sweet and had a natural fruity flavor to it...very neat.

You can see the queen, she has a natural blue bead on her back and is about twice as long as the worker bees. I thought it was fake or painted on, then as I got a closer look, it was actually part of the bee.

I had the opportunity to pet some of the bees, it was totally safe, didn't even get stung once.

This is the device they extract the honey with, they put the honeycomb plates in and spin them very fast and the honey just drips out due to gravity.

Here are some of the natural products they use.

After the honey has been exctacted from the honeycombs, it is directly put into these plastic bottles.

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