Friday, November 19, 2010

Hike with the Zhangs 1/2

I went on a hike with Sandra's extended family, it was pretty fun and we saw some amazing things, you wouldn't believe how large some of the insects are in a tropical area. Apparently, the butterflies are very tame too.

This butterfly was flying around me and I just put my hand out and it landed on it, never thought that would happen. I thought it was so fascinating, then the weirdest thing started moving its butt like it wanted to take a poo, but it secreted some kind of clear liquid which quickly disappeared into my hand, it freaked me out a little bit and I though that it might have poisoned me. I did get sick a few days later, but I think it was unrelated, I had some kind of gas buildup in my system and felt terrible for about a week, after some antibiotics, I felt much better.

These were some rocks on display which had fossils preserved in them.

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  1. You took antibiotics for a gas buildup? I thought that was normal!?