Thursday, November 11, 2010

A trip to the mountain 1/5

We took a trip with a family that Sandra knows to a mountain called "Meaw Li" it was a great time. We got to see many things and had a lot of fun. The next few blog posts are dedicated to this trip and what we did.

This is a picture of a lake (not sure if it is natural or man-made), it was very beautiful.

On the right is a aboriginal lodge/museum, on the left is some sort of a coffee house/cafe...we didn't visit it because it wasn't open when we arrived.

We saw all these little caterpillars on the trees. They were very interesting and very hairy. They would lie neatly down next to each other, one by one. But if they heard a sound or if someone brushed the tree and they felt movement, they immediately raised half their bodies, I guess in defense, as if to say "you just ruined my sleep, if you don't leave now, you will be sorry" was a prominent statement through actions!

Here we are with the lodge/museum in the background. Me, Sandra, Jerry, Grace, Tom and Edward.

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