Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weather in Taiwan (天氣)

Summer in Taiwan has officially begun!  Not only has it been very hot here in Taiwan, it has also been very humid.  Some days the wind doesn't blow very hard and when you combine hot weather and humid air with no wind, it gets a little unbearable.  Otherwise, earlier in the morning and the evenings usually are pretty nice.  I enjoy warm weather, but not too warm.

My school is putting on summer camps this month and I have a sports camp next week.  I talked to another teacher who is teaching a sports camp this week and he said that he has never sweat more in his life...hahah.  Something to look forward to, I guess.  Maybe I will set a PR for the amount of sweat I lose in one day.

All things considered, things are going pretty well in Taiwan.  I will be visiting the US in August, which I am really excited about.  It will have been a year since I have seen most of my friends and family (who probably reads this most often).  It will be a nice break from the hot, humid weather and the 6-day a week schedule.

Please feel free to leave comments on the blog if you have questions, are curious about anything and/or you just want to say something.  I enjoy reading the comments.

Also, many of you know Nolan, if not in person, from my blog.  He has been traveling with me (and Jonathan during the first part of our trip) and is in Taiwan with me now.  

He got sick and, to make a long story short, he went to the doctor and after many tests they found out that he has a type of cancer called Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Please keep him in your prayers, he is staying in Taiwan for the treatment and has already experienced two sessions of chemo therapy.  He has chemo every two weeks and the doctors predict that he will need to endure 8 months of this grueling treatment.  I'm sure most of you know someone who has or has had cancer and it's not fun, so I would just ask you to lift up your prayers for him. 

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  1. Dang Phil! I'm so sorry to hear about Nolan. I will be praying for him.

    PS, thanks for your message, I'm really really REALLY looking forward to seeing you. Caden's first birthday is on the 16th so maybe you could stop by and catch the old crew because they'll all be there.

    Peace and love my friend and brother!