Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fulung: Dragon Boat Festival Trip 1/5

Sandra and my trip to Fulung was pretty fun. The weather wasn't too bad...but it was really humid and pretty hot and it rained no us, hahha....but for the most part it was tolerable. When we were on the train, we had to put Yuan Yuan in a bag...she didn't like that much, hahah. When we got to Fulung, we rented bikes and took a short bike tour, which was about 1 mile each way through an old railroad tunnel and ended up at a beach look out area. We then took our bikes back and explored a little bit and saw these amazing and huge sandcastles...most people paid to get in, but thanks to our exploring, we were able to find a secret passage. However, we didn't go close to the sand castles because we left our bikes at the "secret passage" and didn't want them to get stolen (I guess it wasn't all that secret if we were worried about them getting stolen).

Yuan Yuan looks so sad here.

The part of the beach where they made the huge sandcastles.

Pyramid sandcastles.

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