Saturday, July 3, 2010

Emil and his neck

This is Emil, he hurt his neck after working out...but it was bugging him a lot and he decided to go to the doctor. The doctor proceeded to tell him that he needed to have a disk or a vertebrae replaced (I can't remember which). Either way, it was going to be a costly ordeal, not the operation because most of that is paid for, but the part was going to be quite expensive.

Anyway, after agonizing about this for a little while he decided to check out some information on Wikipedia, call a doctor back in his hometown in Canada and get a second opinion in Taiwan. What he found out is astonishing! Both doctors (Canada and his second opinion) said that these disk things usually correct themselves in time, so he began to try out a neck brace as the first line of defense.

After going back to the original doctor, he asked him if he should wear a neck brace and the doctor told him it was a waste of time and that he just needed to have surgery.

To say the least, now, Emil is doing pretty well after wearing the neck brace. He feels much better and things are starting to correct themselves...I'm glad he decided to get a second opinion.

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