Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fruit, soup and fried squid

One of our friends brought us this fruit back from the south of Taiwan, the English name is custard apple...it was really good! There are a bunch of little pockets of fruit in here and they all have seeds in them. You don't eat the seeds, so you just pull the fruit off the seed. Very tasty!

I have eaten this a few times now...it is like rice porridge. This is filled with all sorts of vegetables and different kinds of seafood, I never thought that rice porridge could be so good...and so cheap...it is only about $2.50 for a huge meal.

Ahhh, fried squid, my favorite snack in Taiwan...I love it so much...I would eat it everyday if I thought it was good for me, hahah.

A close up...sorry it's a little blurry...and to tell you the truth, this picture really isn't the most enticing, it looks much better than this normally...I guess you just have to see it in real life.

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  1. Happy Easter Day to you Phillip.
    Sounds like you are haveing a great life experience.
    Love to you

  2. Hey Aunt Tami, thank you so much for the Easter wishes, Happy Easter as well. I hope you can enjoy this day and reflect on the resurrection. Yep, I'm having a lot of fun, it has been really neat to be in Thailand and now Taiwan.
    Love you too.