Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to Danshui | Part 1

You probably remember my note a while back about Nolan and I trying to get to Danshui to visit our friends by scooter...we never made it. Update - somewhere along the trip we apparently ran a red light and we ended up getting tickets, that was a bummer...not only did we not find our destination, we also had to really pay for it, hahah.

Anyway, we tried a different route and made it this time, it took us about an hour and 15 minutes, not too bad. The day started out great too. It was nice an sunny as we rode along the coast and the air was crisp and fresh. We were excited to make it to Danshui by scooter.

This is Stanley eating some kind of melon ice cream cone.

This was an interesting restaurant, all they had was potatoes and french fries...we all got fries, and they were pretty good, but way overpriced.

On the left, I got garlic fries, Nolan got sour cream and onion (I think) and Stanley got honey mustard.

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