Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to Danshui | Part 3

We stopped by a famous restaurant in Danshui. We had meatballs and Ah Gey. Danshui is famous for Ah Gey, you can't just get this anywhere in Taiwan. It was really good.

On the left is the Ah Gey, on the right are the meatballs...they are not the kind of meatballs that you would usually think of. It's more like a meatball in the middle of a rice-flour gelatin casing.

Inside the Ah Gey is a bunch of thin rice noodles. The Ah Gey comes in one piece surrounded by a type of broth or sauce. The idea is to strategically break the outside so the sauce seeps into the noodles, then you eat it all together...it's great!

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