Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tongxiao | Hot springs and dorm room

We visited Troy and Jessica on New Years weekend, so we went to the hot springs.

Funny story, on the way back from the hot springs, the weather decided to change.  It began to pour down rain on us for the entire 30-40 minute scooter ride, we were all completely soaked.  I hit a puddle and water splashed over my scooter and all over me, it was like someone poured a 5-gallon bucket of water on me.  When we got home, we could practically wring out our clothes...it was pretty crazy.

Note to self:  Always bring good rain gear when you think it might rain.

Troy and Jessica

We took a detour before we found the hot springs and saw this...not sure what exactly it is supposed to symbolize.

This was my original dorm room...wow, I could hardly turn around and no window. Since then I changed rooms into one that is slightly larger (my new room is probably an 8x8, still not huge) and has a window.

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