Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tongxiao | Dumplings and Chow Mein

We had some amazing dumpling/pot stickers here, I forgot to get a picture when we had all the dumplings, I guess they were just so good that I couldn't stop to take a picture.  We had some steamed dumplings and some fried.  They cost about 4-5 NT each (which is about 15 cents with the exchange rate at 32NT to $1).  We also got hot and sour soup (for either NT35 or NT50, I can't remember) and chow mein (the chow mein was from a street vendor and was NT50)

It was great!  Thanks Troy and Jessica for showing us this place.

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  1. I'm hungry! Which to you prefer... Thai or the Chinese food you are eating in Taiwan? - Nate