Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dumplings, soups and Vegetables | part 2

I got some really good dumplings at this little place that sets up shop just a little walk from where I live. This is more of a dumping wrap, it had beef, and a few different types of vegetables in was amazing.

These dumplings were amazing as well, they were stuffed with pork and vegetables, then fried...some of the best dumplings I have eaten so far. I think I will go to this place again soon.

This was a type of bamboo/noodle soup, pretty tasty.

Steamed vegetables, they were very good as well. I love vegetables...especially when they are bursting with flavor.

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  1. Those dumplings look so, so freaking good.

  2. I love and miss dumplings!!!! Ahhhhhh!